Wiring Rules Amendment 1: 2020 in effect now

As per Reg 49(2B) of the E(L)R 1991, the Director of Energy Safety has declared that all clauses of the amendment, except clause 7.3.2(c) became effective on the day after Notice 2020 was published in the Government Gazette (click here to access).

Please note:

  • All clauses of Amdt 1 JAN 2020, are in effect as of 15 February 2020, except for 7.3.2(c).  
  • Clause 7.3.2(c) of the amendment, relating to Battery systems standard AS/NZS 5139, becomes effective from 14 August 2020 (6 months after publication of Notice 2020)

To assist our members, Wiring Rules Section 7 in TKB reflects this exception.