Western Power update - changes to Electronic Notices and Network Service Requests

NECA Technical would like to advise members about the following update from Western Power regarding changes to Electronic Notices and Network Service Requests. 

In the coming weeks EnergySafety will be launching eNotice, a new online way to lodge Preliminary Notices, Notices of Completion and Electrical Safety Certificates electronically. 

All licensed electrical contractors who do not currently use ETIC will receive an invitation via email or post from EnergySafety to start using eNotice. 

In future eNotice will be the single method for submitting notices electronically to all network operators and EnergySafety in WA, and Western Power’s ETIC platform will be phased out.

For more information on eNotice please visit EnergySafety’s website:


How will this affect the way I submit notices to Western Power?

For electrical contractors using ETIC

ETIC users and Contractor Connect/SACs participants are not immediately impacted – you should continue to submit notices as usual, using ETIC. 

Western Power will transition ETIC users to eNotice over a period of time so as to reduce any impact on electrical contractors. 

Western Power will contact ETIC users directly to provide further guidance on how and when this will occur. It is likely that the transition will occur in early 2017.

For electrical contractors using paper notices

Western Power will continue to accept paper notices until further notice, however, we encourage you to start using eNotice for electronic lodgement of notices to see the benefits of the new approach.

Changes to the way you request network services from Western Power

EnergySafety has developed eNotice to satisfy the regulatory requirements for electrical contractors to submit Preliminary Notices and Notices of Completion. 

If a network service is required, this must be requested from Western Power.

The launch of the new eNotice platform provides an opportunity for Western Power to improve the process for requesting services.

Currently this can be done via two methods:

Through ETIC as you submit your Preliminary Notice or Notice of Completion

Via the Online Network Service Request (ONSR)

Western Power is developing new service request eforms, which will provide all electrical contractors with a single location to submit a network service request via the Western Power website

The new network service request eforms will be an easier way to request the services you require and will offer an option for upfront payment. 

Western Power are currently developing this eform service and will provide further information soon.

Western Power | 13 10 87 | enquiry@westernpower.com.au