Western Power Un-metered Supply (UMS) pits - unauthorised access

NECA Technical would like to advise members of the following information from Western Power regarding Un-metered Supply (UMS) pits and access to them. This article is also available here on our TKB.

There have been some recent incidents where Un-metered Supply (UMS) pits have been accessed by one or more third parties to disconnect the network supply without authorisation. In one instance flood seal connectors were left open and exposed without any protection for live cables.

The Un-metered Supply Network Standard (2014) provides the requirements and conditions for installation and removal of un-metered supplies within the Western Power network.

Typical UMS Pits                          Exposed flood seal connector

UMS pits may only be accessed by Western Power or an authorised electrical contractor, accredited under an approved scheme, such as the Contractor Connect Scheme for new installations. A Customer Work Request must also be submitted and approved by Western Power, for all disconnections within the UMS. Western Power will arrange for safe disconnection/reconnection of the supply.

For further information on being accredited under the Contractor Connect Scheme or to submit a Customer Work Request, please refer to the Western Power website.