Western Power: UDS - Clarifcation on live end seals

Underground Distribution Schemes (UDS) Manual - Clarification on live end seals

Western Power recently issued the 11th revision of the Underground Distribution Scheme manual (UDS), which included a requirement to have live end seals on working ends of both LV and HV cables.

Consultation with industry on the live end seals requirement was undertaken prior to its inclusion in the UDS revision.

However, a Western Power internal communication, called an Operational Bulletin, was issued at a similar time to the UDS requiring live end seals to be fitted immediately. Requiring live end seals on subdivisions has caused some concern within the land development industry as projects are well advanced and the additional cost not allowed for.

As with most changes made to the UDS there is a 6 month phase in period. The phase in period allows for projects already in the pipeline to be completed, as designed and budgeted for. 

The 6 month phase in period will apply to the live end seals, thus any work handed over after 4th July 2016 will require live end seals.

Western Power apologises for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

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