Western Power Feasibility Study

In addition to Western Power’s Design Application Offer (DAO) process, Western Power offers a feasibility study which includes the opportunity to speak with a designer. 

Typically, feasibility studies are undertaken when a customer is assessing the viability of a project, or requires detailed technical advice relating to Western Power’s network. For example:

Identifying whether potential expansion of an existing site is possible

Determining the scope of infrastructure that may be required when considering buying a property

Comparing several different options to supply a property (e.g. line or cable routes; alternative points of connection)

Investigations for small, medium and large land developments

Seeking approval for non-standard substation arrangement

Seeking approval for >250A ‘non substation’ supply

Are there costs associated with this service?

Yes, charges for feasibility studies are assessed on a case by case basis, calculated using current labour rates. Your Western Power representative will then confirm and issue an invoice based on the complexity of your project and the time required to complete the study.

Is this deemed as an application for power?

No, this is not the same as an application for power. If you want to proceed with a power application based on the findings of the feasibility studies, a new application will be required. That is a DAO.

More information on Western Power's feasibility study.