Western Power document updates - WASIR, DCCR and switchboard guidelines

26 June 2022

Western Power have made a number of updates to the WA Service and Installation Requirements (WASIR) and the Distribution Customer Connection Requirements (DCCR)in response to changes in legislation, DER control requirements and stakeholder feedback. 

These changes progressively come into effect from 3 June 2022 and we encourage all members to ensure they are familiar with the changes.

Western Power June 2022 updates

Western Power wishes to advise that the following documents have been subjected to a range of minor editorials and updates in response to changes in legislation, DER control requirements and in response to stakeholder feedback. 

The changes ensure the affected documents remain aligned with both legislative, regulatory and network requirements in conjunction with current network terms and conditions.

As prescribed within the respective documents, the changes progressively come into effect from the 3rd June 2022. 

WA Service and Installation Requirements (WASIR) June 2022

In summary the changes to the WASIR include: 

  1. Amended definition for 480v standard supply connections (cl 1.2).
  2. Reference updates to incorporate new Work Health and Safety legislation.
  3. References added to distributed energy resource management.
  4. Elaboration on regulatory/industry checking and testing requirements (cl 8.1.3).
  5. Amended wording for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and associated EV plugs/connectors clause. (cl 10.11.6).
  6. Clarification of requirements for replacement of rewireable fuses (cl
  7. Requirements for main switches amended to facilitate larger commercial /industrial connections ( cl
  8. Requirements for tee off boxes clarified (cl 11.11 and 11.12).
  9. Clarification of consumer earthing arrangements for multiple master metering configurations (cl 11.12).
  10. Consumer mains cable jointing amended to address cables installed at depth (cl 12.6).
  11. Section 15 updated to accommodate the withdrawal of the Network Integration Guideline and AS/NZS 4777 changes.

A detailed description of all changes can be reviewed in the appendices of the WASIR June 2022 edition available via Western Powers public website.

Click here to access and search the WASIR on NECA WA's TKB.

Distribution Customer Connection Requirements (DCCR) June 2022 

In summary the changes to the DCCR include: 

  1. Drawing DCCR 1-00-5 (Sht 4 of 5) Terasaki XS 1600NE settings amended.
  2. Drawing added - 1-01-3 sheet 4 of 4 DER control arrangement.
  3. Drawing DCCR 1-01-10n amended to include DER function and control references.
  4. Drawing titles DCCR 1-05-1 to 1-05-5 amended.
  5. Document references to embedded generation (EG) technical requirements updated throughout the document.

Switchboard arrangement for small strata lot development guideline (Strata guideline) June 2022

  1. Alignment with changes to the WASIR and DCCR, together with recently published embedded generation requirements. 

Full access to all of the documents can be obtained via Western Power’s public website.