Western Power Distribution Overhead to Underground Conversion Standard

Western Power recently updated the Distribution Overhead to Underground Conversion Standard (the Standard). The amendments are designed to ensure continued network and customer compliance with regulatory requirements as well as providing a clearer understanding of community, industry and network roles and responsibilities. Below is a summary of the amendments.

  • Alignment of the Standard to accommodate customer application and installation qualification requirements.
  • Clarification of “exclusion zone” and “pegging” criteria in terms of customer responsibility for boundary pegs and exclusion zone clearance requirements to address ongoing encroachment issues (refer to clauses 6-xiv and 6-xv).
  • New definition for standard location.  The definition has been amended for non-technical readers to address incorrect perceptions of underground service location limitation (i.e. property right side only). The criteria is unchanged in terms of position determination (refer to definitions and clause 6-v).
  • Revised definition for “underground service”.  This has been amended to align with current language and to assist non-technical readers.     
  • Clarification on the location of the isolation point (MSB). The location of the customer’s private electrical infrastructure must have a clear relationship and be accessible to and with the dwellings it services and all associated users (e.g. not located on an adjoining freehold title or within the gated boundaries of a single strata unit).
  • Clarification on the application of “multiple point of supply” and “fixed price” requirements. Multiple points of supply requirements aligned with current regulatory and network requirements.   
  • Minor editorial updates to accommodate the above.