Western Power announces rural supply allocation to be increased

3 April 2023

We’re pleased to advise that Western Power will be increasing their rural power supply allocation to be in line with metropolitan areas, introducing one standard power supply across the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

This change follows a 24-week rural supply allocation trial that established a standardised connection service can be applied uniformly across the network safely and reliably for community benefit.

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This is a welcome announcement for many of our rural members who were negatively affected by Western Power's main switch circuit breaker announcement in early 2022, which allocated a smaller supply to rural connections than metropolitan connections.

Implementation date - 11 April 2023

From 11 April 2023, Western Power will offer a standard connection service capacity of 63A for single-phase (240V) connections and 32A per phase for three-phase (415V) and split-phase (480V) connections, where the service is available, ensuring the same allocation for all small-use homes and businesses across the entire network.

Main switch circuit breakers remain a requirement for all new connections to the grid or when adding circuit capacity to an existing connected premise.

Further information

For more information on the announcement, including FAQs and the circuit breaker reimbursement program, visit Western Power’s dedicated webpage.