Veterinary clinics and RCD protection

NECA Technical have received several calls about the requirements for RCD protection in veterinary clinics and whether 10 mA RCD’s should be installed.

While there are no prescribed legislative requirements to install 10 mA RCD’s in the veterinary clinics the NECA Technical team engaged with a number of clinics and offer the following advice.

In conversation with the vets and undertaking a site visit, it became clear that the areas where the animals are attended to are similar to human patient treatment areas. The veterinarians working on the animals respect them as patients and aim to provide the utmost care in ensuring their best welfare while in the care of the clinic.

As one vet summarised, he would hate to have to explain to a pet owner that “Sadly, Fluffy died due to electrocution while under the knife”.

On inspection of the switchboards, newer installs of final sub circuits were protected by 10 mA RCD’s and older final sub circuits were protected by 30mA RCD’s. 

NECA Technical suggest that if you are engaged to undertake work in a veterinary clinic that you offer the opportunity to upgrade or offer 10mA RCD’s.

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