Updated guidance released for high voltage electrical installations

22 May 2023

Building and Energy, in conjunction with WorkSafe, recently released updated guidance for managing high voltage infrastructure, such as large shopping centres, apartment buildings, industrial complexes and mine sites. High voltage is defined as 1,000 volts AC or more.

View the media statement.

Key points include:

  • Persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) at premises with high voltage (HV) electrical installations are required to comply with all relevant technical and safety requirements for the duration of the operating life of the electrical plant, including design and construction, maintenance, operation and de-commissioning.
  • Under Section 7 of the WAER, design proposals for all installations connected to a network at voltages greater than 1kV are required to be submitted to the relevant network operator for assessment (“Design submission” (formerly “HV Submission”)).
  • A comprehensive electrical safety management plan and safe working procedures must be developed and maintained for all HV installations.

Click on the image below to review the guidelines, or access the PDF.