Update on Lockdown Regulations

Following communications with WA Police this morning, NECA WA would like to remind members to seriously consider if any residential work you are undertaking during over what will hopefully be the last 48 hours of the lockdown, is essential.

The WA Police contacted NECA to reiterate that the purpose of the lockdown is to limit unnecessary contact within the community. 

So unless you want to risk an unnecessary interaction with the police, we suggest you stay out of peoples’ homes for the rest of the week except in the case of a genuine emergency.

Hopefully this situation is only in place until Friday and we can return to work as normal as early as Saturday morning.

The vast majority of members who have contacted NECA, and indeed most of the members of the electrical industry Facebook forums, have indicated that they are happy to postpone non-essential domestic work until after the lockdown has finished so this advice from the police will have little impact.

However, if you are a contractor who had intended to perform as much residential work as possible this week, we strongly urge you to reconsider.