Update on COVID-19 lockdown regulations for 29 June 2021

Many members are seeking clarity about what electrical work can and can’t be performed during this week’s lockdown.

NECA WA has been in contact with Building and Energy this morning and in a nutshell: 

Work on a building or construction site

Work on a building or construction site can go ahead. A building or construction site is defined as an organised work site consisting of a head contractor and various sub-contractors from various building trades. Everyone in the industry knows what a genuine construction work site is.

Commercial work

Working in commercial environments are also allowed where the electrical work supports businesses that are deemed essential during a lockdown, such as supermarkets, food retailers, health care providers, etc. 

An extensive list of essential services for which electrical work can take place in order to allow these business to continue, can be found here

Residential work

Things get a bit more complicated with regards to residential work and entering people’s homes.

During the previous lockdown in February, the WA Police contacted NECA to reiterate that the purpose of the lockdown is to limit unnecessary contact in the community. 

They advised us that members should only undertake residential work which is essential to the health and safety of the residents, their animals or the premises.

Unless you want to risk an unnecessary interaction with the police, we suggest you stay out of people’s homes for the rest of the week except in the case of a genuine emergency.

However, what is classed as an emergency has not been clearly defined, so we would ask members to use their professional judgement and common sense.

Hopefully this situation is only in place until Friday and we can return to work as early as Saturday morning.

The vast majority of members who have contacted NECA, and indeed most of the members of the electrical industry Facebook forums, have indicated that they are happy to postpone non-essential domestic work until we learn if the lockdown is to be extended.

However, if you are a contractor who had intended to perform as much residential work as possible this week, we strongly urge you to reconsider. 

If you have any further questions on these issues, please contact NECA WA on (08) 6241 6100.