Update on apprentice supervision requirements

Over the past few months ECA WA has been working with Building and Energy, providing feedback on proposed changes to the Electrical (Licensing) Regulations 1991, particularly in relation to apprentice supervision.

Building and Energy have officially launched the Electricity (Licensing) Amendment Regulations (No.3) 2018 and we are happy to say that much of our feedback was taken on board.

As we have advised members previously, changes to supervision requirements came into effect on 8 June 2018 and thus apply now.

The following is a brief summary of the changes and is by no means a comprehensive summary nor a substitute for reading the changes in full yourself and/or seeking your own advice:

  • Regulation 49 has changed to enshrine the Code of Practice for Persons Working on or Near Energised Electrical Installations into law;
  • Regulation 49C has been added to define electrical work near a part of an electrical installation;
  • Regulation 49D has been added to define three (3) levels of supervision (a change from the previous two (2) levels) being broad, general and direct supervision;
  • Regulation 50 has changed
    o   to define what a person employing an electrical worker is obliged to ensure as far as supervision of work;
    o   to define what a supervising electrical worker is obliged to ensure as far as supervision of work; and
    o   to define when an apprentice may carry out electrical work on or near an energised part of an electrical installation.
  • Regulation 50AA has been amended to add definitions; and
  • Regulation 54A has been amended.

It is vitally important that everyone understands these new supervision requirements. To assist, Building and Energy have updated their guidelines for apprentices and for electrical workers:

If you have any further queries, please contact Stuart Diepeveen via gm@egt.net.au or (08) 6241 6100.