Update from Western Power on the revised WADCM

Western Power, in consultation with Horizon Power, are reviewing the Western Australian Distribution Connections Manual (WADCM). The review will ensure the connection requirements reflect the evolving West Australian energy environment and market. The final review is expected to be in July and NECA will provide additional feedback at this stage.   

When the WADCM was first published in 2010, energy flow was fundamentally one directional (energy-import).  Ten years later a lot has changed - the community, Western Power and Horizon Power are now moving towards a decentralised model of energy supply and generation via a mix of the traditional grid arrangements, microgrids and stand-alone power systems (SPS).  

This change also applies  to generation, with the concept of a single energy source being replaced by distributed energy resources (DER) via private renewable energy systems (solar PV), battery storage and electric vehicles.

A substantial amount of feedback was received during 2020, which has been incorporated into the new edition of the document.  

In line with the review, the WADCM will change its name to the West Australian Service Installation Requirements. We will advise members as soon as it becomes available online.