Tech Tips: Fire damage in a roof space

This article is intended to highlight the significance of taking the opportunity to conduct a visible check over an installation and offer recommendations.

A Perth homeowner recently noticed their lights were flickering on and off and heard a crackling sound from the ceiling space. Upon investigation it was found that that the active and switch wire of a lighting circuit were shorting together and caused a pine beam to burn in the roof space.

The initial causal factor was deemed to be vermin, possibly rats gnawing at the cable and exposing the conductors, causing them to short onto the pine beam. The circuit protection did not operate.

The general message here is when entering client roof spaces, there is a chance to offer additional services, for example, the placement of vermin baits as well as any other electrical work.

Above: Fire damage. The circuit has been isolated and the damaged cable cut out.

Above: Cut out cable active and switch wire.