Switchboards affecting streetscape

NECA has been made aware of a number of switchboards being deemed non-compliant with the planning requirements of the City of Stirling.

NECA approached the City’s Development Services and received the following response, containing an extract from the State Planning Policy 3.1 Residential Design Codes.

“External fixtures such as meter boxes, distribution boxes and the likes must comply with the Residential Design Codes Deemed to Comply requirements outlined below. If there is a variation to this the City will assess the variation against the Design Principals at the development application stage.

The onus is on the applicant / owner to ensure all external fixtures where required are shown on the plans at the planning stage.”

This requirement would apply in any area, however we are only aware of it being applied in the City of Stirling.


In situations where a Site Main Switchboard is required, confirm the location of the switchboard was drawn on the plans submitted for planning approval by the Builder. If this is not the case, have the builder seek approval from the Council Planning Section.