Switchboard requirements for subdivided properties

Our Technical Team has been receiving a number of enquiries regarding requirements for site main switchboards when a property is subdivided.

Section 11 of The Western Australian Distribution Connections Manual (WADCM) outlines metering arrangements in Western Australia.

Where consumer mains are electrically unprotected, the metering position shall not be more than 30 metres route length from the point of supply (see clause 11.5 of the WADCM). In cases where properties are subdivided and it is likely that the 30 metres will be exceeded, the supply authority may require a site main switchboard to be installed prior to approving clearance for the subdivision to the Western Australian Planning Commission. 

In areas serviced by Western Power this can be achieved by two ways:

  1. Installation of a site main switchboard containing Service Protection Devices (SPDs) and submain protection with Distributed Master Metering with the meters on the dwellings.

  2. Installation of a switchboard with all meters in the one enclosure (Multiple Master Metering).

In areas serviced by Horizon Power, Distributed Master Metering is not an option, so a switchboard for Multiple Master Metering is required.