Supply chain industry and material availability- update from Western Power

7 November 2023

Western Power recently issued the following update outlining significant global supply disruptions affecting the industry. NECA emphasises the importance of early forecasting and requisition placement to navigate these global supply constraints effectively.

Global supply disruption – industry outlook and update for this period

  • Monitoring impact of Maritime Union of Australia’s series of protected industrial actions at its Australians ports through to the third week of November
  • Industry witnessing supply chain impacts of Eastern European conflict
  • North American and European significant renewable infrastructure projects creating imposing demand across supply chains of transmission and distribution equipment 
  • Observing possible emergence of supplier homeland supply prioritisation in response to aforementioned demand increases 
  • Seeing lead times for transmission equipment extending sharply in response to the global simultaneous strive for decarbonisation 
  • Sustained high demand on raw material and componentry impacting global production 

Lead time / supply deterioration or improvement of note in this period:

Short term supply challenges resolved:

Streetlight Poles/Outreaches – CW0275/6/8/9 –Supply and stock level recovered at JDC

Lead times extended:

  • Drop Out Fuse – GF0068 - low stock till February 2024
  • Streetlight Luminaires - HL6607- Low stock till end of December HL6427 - Low stock until March 2024
  • Grounding set – CE7560 – Delay extended from October to November

Lead times improved:

  • RMUs - lead time improving. BAU expected starting Feb 2024
  • 24kV non-motorised – stock available now (previously 180 days)
  • 24kV motorised – stock available now (previously 180 days) except for:
    • XA2632 – Available Feb 2024
    • 24kV (non-standard) – 150 days (Previously 300 days)

A reminder that you can also view the Qlik report for stock code lead times here

Thank you for continuing to support the Supply Chain team as we work with material requisitioners across the organisation on our industry and supply management, specific material impacts, and visibility of significant lead time changes.  A key mitigant within the global supply constraints is clear and early visibility of your forecast requirements and or early placement of your requisitions. 

Please contact your Supply Chain Specialist or the Inventory Materials Supply team, on for any questions or clarifications on this update.