Smoke Alarms - Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the minimum number of smoke alarms required?

A: A smoke alarm is required between living areas and all bedrooms. If this can be achieved with one alarm, then only one alarm is required.

Q: Can I use a 10 year lithium battery powered smoke alarm?

A: Yes but only where the wiring cannot be concealed or there is no mains power to the dwelling. It must also have approval from the local government.

Q: Do all smoke alarms need to be interconnected?

A: They have to be interconnected in dwellings or extensions to dwellings built after 31 April 2015.

Q: Do smoke alarms connected via a home security system comply?

A: In most cases no. The smoke alarm must be directly connected to consumer mains power.

Q: What type of smoke alarm is acceptable?

A: Both ionisation and photo electric types are acceptable providing they comply with the relevant edition of AS 3786 which is currently AS 3786.2014.

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