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Share your knowledge and benefit our electrical community.

NECA Technical regularly engages with members about difficult scenarios they are consistently faced with.

Members often inform NECA Technical of methods of approaching these scenarios which are innovative and useful. With this in mind, NECA Technical is welcoming members to contact our team to 'Share a Solution (SAS)'.

Sharing useful information is fundamental in ensuring the electrical industry continues to grow and prosper.

'Sharing a Solution (SAS)' with NECA Technical will allow us to research your solutions, ensuring that correct and consequently compliant information is being shared in our community. For example, if a solution could be deemed non-compliant, NECA Technical can capture this and advise accordingly, ensuring members are not compromised by the relevant electrical inspectorates.

Here is an example of a great solution that was shared recently by a NECA WA member:

Problem: Existing load centre in a metal outbuilding. Additional works may be required to the load centre, for example another circuit and mechanical protection.

Solution: You are working on the board. Place mechanical protection behind the existing load centre as you are working on it. This could be a piece of cut metal in order to stop the possibility of someone drilling a screw from the outside wall into the load centre.

From a client perspective, this is a cheaper option than replacing the existing load centre to comply with the current legislation.

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