Security of Payment Seminars - CCA Awareness

NB: We are awaiting the legislation update, prior to scheduling new sessions for 2021.


All too often in our industry, electrical contractors are struggling to get paid for their completed work.  The updated Construction Contracts Act 2004 (the CCA) provides contractors with a quick and low-cost means of dispute resolution, for written or oral contracts, without having to go to court. The Act allows for the appointment of an independent adjudicator and sets strict time limits on the process so decisions get made quickly and payment is not held up.

“Good eye opener to understand the risk of contracts and possible dangers associated with signing without reading the contract adequately.”

 “I thought it would be too hard to claim for the money we were owed but this process is fairly straightforward. Thanks for your help.”

“Excellent seminars, security of payment is a major KPI for our team.”


Any staff who are involved in the contract process – including project managers, contract administrators, programmers, supervisors, office managers and admin staff.


The Construction Contracts Act 2004 (as amended December 2016)

  • What types of work the Act covers and how it can help you receive payment for the work you have done. We explain the recent changes to the Act, including the critical extensions to application timeframes.

Contract terms

  • What terms are reasonable, what terms are prohibited and why it is important to incorporate terms in your contract which, in conjunction with the Act, can protect you from head contractors’ attempts to impose illegal/unenforceable terms and conditions upon your firm.

Invoicing administration

  • Practical operational tips to help ensure your invoicing administration process maximises your chances of winning if you need to utilise the Act.

Lodging a claim for adjudication under the Act

  • Don’t blow your chances of a successful claim – applicants only have one chance to explain to the Adjudicator why they should have been paid, so make it count. 

Responding to a claim

  • Strict timeframes apply under the Act to formally respond to a claim against you for payment. Make sure you know all the rules, to avoid paying out more than you need to.  

Please click here to download a free copy of the amended Construction Contracts Act 2004.

The Building Commission website provides further information about how the adjudication process works.


For further information feel free to contact Jo Ogden, Project Manager, directly via email or on 6241 6100.