Security Installer Licence

NECA WA Technical has received a number of calls in relation to licensing requirements for security camera installation. Below are extracts from an item published by WA Police Licensing.

When is this licence required?

You will require this licence if you intend to operate as a Security Installer. A security installer is someone who is paid to install, maintain or repair items of security equipment. This licence is available in four different classes that authorise you to install, maintain or repair different sorts of security equipment:
Class 1: Safes, vaults and locks
Class 2: Security alarms, CCTV for security purposes, electric fences, bulletproof doors or screens and associated equipment
Class 3: Security doors and
Class 4: Locks.

You may hold more than one class of licence at the same time. Please note that this licence does not apply to the installation of security of equipment in vehicles, vessels or aircraft.

You may only work as a licensed security installer if you are employed by a licensed security agent, unless you are a sole-trader, in which case you will also require a Security Agent Licence.

If you are an interstate visitor and hold an equivalent licence in your home state or territory, you may be able to apply for a temporary licence of up to one year. 

What are the eligibility requirements for this licence?

To be eligible for this licence you must:
be deemed a fit and proper person
have evidence of your completion of the required training course in Technical Security for the class of licence you intend to apply for
agree to the Security Industry Code of Conduct
complete the required forms and
pay the prescribed fees.

You may be required to give your fingerprints and palm prints. Applicants for a class one licence must be trade qualified locksmiths. Applicants for a class two licence must have completed an approved course in Technical Security prior to submitting the application.

Click here to access the Police Licensing page that provides further information training requirements and course providers.