Registrations are open to access a 50% wage subsidy for apprentices

As of 2 April 2020, electrical contractors with less than 20 staff are able to register for access to a 50% wage subsidy for apprentices working in their business. 

How do I register? EGT vs Direct Indenture

Businesses with under 20 staff hosting an apprentice through Electrical Group Training (EGT), do not have to register for the subsidy, EGT will register for you.

EGT will then claim the subsidy on your behalf and pass the entire amount of the subsidy back to you.

If your business has direct indentured apprentices, you can register for the subsidy access via The Apprenticeship Community as per below.

Our partner The Apprenticeship Community, can assist you with assessing your eligibility, registering your application, and processing the payments.

For direct indentured apprentices, all of the logistics of this program will be managed by organisations such as The Apprenticeship Community.

Get in touch with The Apprenticeship Community

To see if you’re eligible for the subsidy, please contact Jade Ackroyd from the Apprenticeship Community on (08) 6165 3371 or