Recent prosecution for no MEN

8 August 2023

An electrical contractor was recently fined a total of $50,000 for submitting Notices of Completion for work where no Multiple Earthed Neutral (MEN) was found on three separate installations. The responsible electrical workers were additionally fined $10,000 each.

Whilst there has been a sharp increase recently in the number of prosecutions being brought by Building and Energy for this offence, they have been consistent for many years in saying that it is a breach of the Electrical Licensing Regulations, which they will not hesitate to prosecute. 

Given the MEN system is a critically important safety component of an electrical installation, NECA WA would support the prosecution of any contractor who fails to ensure that a MEN is connected. This is a point that is regularly raised at our Industry Nights.

Members, please ensure that you have a procedure in place that prompts you to confirm that the MEN is in place before you submit a Notice of Completion. This can be done via standard checking and testing procedures, conducting a fault loop impedance test or by simply taking a photograph.

Our very affordable NECA Safe Digital App has an Electrical Installation Test tool which prompts you to confirm that the MEN connection has been re-installed after testing and allows you to upload a photo to confirm this. 

Find out more about the Electrical Installation Test tool here.

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