RCDs in non-domestic and non-residential installations

While RCDs are required for all final sub circuits in domestic and residential installations, this is not the case for non-domestic and non-residential installations. In non-domestic and non-residential installations (refer to clause of AS/NZS 3000) the requirement for RCD protection applies to all circuits and final sub circuits with a rating not exceeding 32 amps, supplying:

  • Socket outlets; or
  • Lighting; or
  • Direct connected hand held equipment such as direct connected hand tools; or
  • Direct connected equipment that represents an increased risk of electric shock.

Factors that may represent an increased risk of electric shock include:

  • External influences; and
  • The type of installation and processes being carried out.

An example of this may be equipment installed in or near a wash down bay.

Therefore direct connected equipment, such as air-conditioners that are installed in commercial premises and are not in an environment that is likely to increase the risk of electric shock, do not have to be RCD protected.