Important findings for electrical contractors from Safe Work Australia's latest report

18 October 2023

Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia 2023 Report

The Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia 2023 report is now available on the Safe Work Australia website. It provides an overview of the latest national statistics for work-related fatalities, injuries, and disease. As a member of NECA, it's crucial to learn from these statistics to ensure worker safety in the electrical and related industries.

One concerning statistic is the number of work-related fatalities in 2022, with 195 lives lost on the job. The report reveals that machinery operators and drivers had the highest number of fatalities by occupation, while the agriculture, forestry, and fishing industry had the highest worker fatality rate. Additionally, 93% of worker fatalities were male, highlighting the need for gender-specific safety measures.

Another alarming statistic is the increase of mental health conditions accounted for in serious workers' compensation claims. Mental health conditions accounted for 9.2% or 11,700 claims in 2021-22, a substantial increase from 6.5% of all serious claims in 2011-12. Prioritising the mental well-being of workers and having appropriate support systems in place is essential.

We understand that Workplace Health and Safety can often be a difficult area to manage, with complex legislative and compliance requirements and severe penalties. 

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