Phasing out of certain lighting products

Australia is expected to commence phasing out all lighting that contains mercury or mercury products from 2022, by signing onto an international treaty called the Minamata Convention. The convention will not affect the ongoing sales, installation or operation of these lamps until supplies are exhausted.

NECA sought advice from the Lighting Council of Australia to assist our members in better understanding the issue. Once supplies run out the effects will include:

  • Fluorescent lamps: No change is expected in the fluorescent lamp markets due to manufacturers and Australian suppliers already complying with the lower mercury limit requirements since 2018. 
  • High pressure mercury vapour (HPMV) lamps:
    o Countries that ratify the Minamata Convention (the majority of countries globally) will no longer be able to manufacture, import or export HPMV lamps. 
    o HPMV lamps will not be able to be imported into Australia after March 2022 (noting also that no manufacturing of HPMV lamps occurs in Australia). 
    o HPMV lamps imported into Australia before March 2022 will be grandfathered indefinitely and can be sold and installed until stocks are exhausted. 
    o The global manufacture of HPMV lamps has decreased over recent years and this has caused an increase in HPMV lamp prices.
    o The Australian Government has flagged since 2013 that it will likely ratify the Minamata Convention and it is expected that the market will continue its transition to LED luminaires.
    o Many public street lighting luminaires and some industrial luminaires use HPMV lamp technology.

NECA acknowledges that given the advances in LED lighting technology, finding suitable replacement lighting options should not be a concern and will offer significant energy savings. 

Click here for more information from the Lighting Council of Australia.