New WA Aboriginal cultural heritage laws

10 July 2023

There has been a great deal of public discussion recently regarding the State Government’s modernised Aboriginal cultural heritage laws, which took affect on 1 July.

The laws will be particularly relevant to businesses that are installing utilities and are required to perform trenching or excavation on affected properties.

The new laws are clouded by a great deal of uncertainty and confusion and as a result, the legislation has effectively been put on hold for 12 months. Whilst the laws remain in place, the government has indicated that their enforcement will be limited.

NECA WA welcomes this delay so that further clarification can be provided. When this becomes available, we will provide members with a detailed summary of requirements and obligations that contractors will need to adhere to in regard to trenching or excavating properties that are subject to the legislation.

More information on the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 and associated regulations can be found here.