New Communications Cabling Standards on TKB

Standards Australia have recently released the 11801 suite of cabling standards for the Information Communications and Technology (ICT) Industry. This suite replaces AS/NZS 3080 Generic cabling for customer premises standard and is now broken down into six volumes. The introduction of this suite of standards is to accommodate the significant advancements in technologies associated with the ICT industry.

Part 1 General requirements

Part 2 Office premises
Part 3 Industrial premises
Part 4 Single-tenant homes
Part 5 Data centres
Part 6 Distributed building services

The AS 11801:2019 Information technology – Generic cabling for customer premises suite, is now available here on our online Technical Knowledge Base (TKB) for members to access. If you don’t have TKB access yet or need a reminder of your TKB login details, please email