NECA WA requests urgent clarification on 'Essential Services'

Date: 3 April 2020

NECA WA recently contacted Chief Medical Officer, Dr Andrew Robertson, seeking urgent clarification around the term 'essential services' and how it applies to electricians in WA, particularly in regard to work carried out at public and private infrastructures and facilities.

Carl Copeland, NECA WA Chapter Secretary, highlighted the critical role electricians play in power generation and maintenance of hospitals, medical centres and government offices, as well as the installation and maintenance of communications infrastructure which are critical for hospitals, prisons, emergency services and broader society to operate.

NECA WA specifically requested urgent clarification as to the following:

  • That electricians are included within the definition of 'essential service'
  • That exemptions/exclusions are the applied to electricians, taking into consideration that the industry is reliant upon teamwork and the need to travel to and from site; and
  • That a channel of communications be directly established between NECA WA and Dr Andrew Robertson to ensure that relevant information is delivered to members effectively and efficiently.

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