NECA WA Lobbies the State Government to stop Synergy operating in the WA solar market

NECA WA has been actively lobbying the McGowan Government to stop Synergy, which is a government owned entity, from competing with electrical contractors in the Solar and Battery Storage installation market.

It is NECA WA's view that:

  1. Government should not be in direct competition with private enterprise, especially small business such as family-owned electrical contracting businesses.
  2. Synergy’s position as the legislated monopoly buyer and seller of all energy generated by solar systems on residential premises in WA, means it has a clear conflict of interest in also selling solar systems which generate that energy.
  3. Synergy is abusing its size and power to unfairly compete against small business. Synergy generates annual revenue of more than $3 billion dollars and recently received an additional $280 million in financial subsidies from the State Government. This financial power means Synergy can unfairly influence competition against small privately-owned businesses.  

Members are welcome to read the correspondence that has been sent by NECA WA to Paul Papalia, the Minister for Small Business and also the Minister’s response.

NECA WA’s Executive Director Garry Itzstein and three NECA members who operate businesses in the solar market, are meeting with the Minister’s office shortly.

We will keep you informed of developments.