NECA WA advocates to extend notifiable work notice submission time-frames

NECA WA is lobbying strongly on behalf of our members to have the Notifiable work submission time-frames changed. Currently under the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991, an electrical contractor has three days from when notifiable work is energised to submit the notice of completion. Where sections of the job are systematically energised this can result in numerous notices being submitted for the one site.

We believe that the current three day period is outdated and unreasonable for the following reasons:

  1. There are no safety implications if the period is extended.
  2. There is currently a sample inspection system where not every job is inspected.
  3. Inspection takes place well after the three days.
  4. The electrical contractor still has to ensure testing  and then certify the work.
  5. Three days after energisation allows the contractor little time to examine test results and check-sheets prior to notice submission.

The consensus amongst our various committees is that a more reasonable time-frame would be 14 days. This would allow the contractor more time to properly scrutinise test results prior to certifying and submitting the notice, hence ensuring a better safety outcome. Where there is only one nominee in the business, it also allows for the contractor/nominee to be away for a short period without risking non-compliance with the regulations. 

NECA WA has had preliminary discussions with Building and Energy on this matter and will continue to pursue it on behalf of our members.