NECA Technical - Share a Solution (SAS): 3 Phase Plug

A member recently shared a scenario with NECA Technical where they identified that the cable gland seal arrangement of a 3 phase plug had scored into the cable, compromising the cable's insulation properties.

The member determined that the plug arrangement was an inauthentic copy of a known brand and that the gland seal 'teeth' were very sharp, causing the cable to be pierced when tightening the seal.

The member removed the plug from service and replaced it a with new plug sourced from their electrical wholesaler.

The message is for members to be aware of inauthentic replicas of electrical equipment. When fault finding, don’t automatically assume that what you are looking at is the real deal. A thorough examination may save a lot of time when narrowing the fault down. For more information, please contact NECA Technical  on 1300 6322 8324 or