NECA Safe Digital - Electrical Installation Test Tool

Electrical testing is one of the most important and frequent tasks for any electrician.

Whether you are working on a single final sub-circuit or an entire new installation, there are strict testing requirements to follow and results that need to be recorded every time .

Many electricians are still recording results on paper and do not have a filing system in place that makes it easy to search and locate previous results. If you were requested to provide the results for a previous test by an Inspector, how easy would it be for you to find this information?

This is why NECA WA’s technical experts have created the Electrical Installation Test tool on the NECA Safe Digital App.

This tool records the testing of installations to the requirements of AS/NZS 3000:2018 and AS/NZS 3017:2007.

Record your test results on your phone or tablet

The Electrical Installation Test tool allows you to record testing results quickly and easily on your phone or tablet.

Click here to view the step-by-step instructions for using this tool.

Send a PDF of the test results to anyone via email

Once submitted, you can email a copy of your test results in PDF format to anyone via email.

Your test results are saved on the administrative console for future access

Submissions are automatically saved on the administrative console, making it easy to access previous results in one location, whenever you need them.

Free your time to focus on your work - not the admin

Recording your electrical test results on the NECA Safe Digital App removes the possibility losing or being unable to locate paper-based results, giving you more time to focus on your work and the confidence that the administration of your test results has been taken care of. 

Starting at only $18/month for a single user, members can also complete Pre-Start/Toolboxes, Vehicle Inspections, Risk Assessments (RAC & SWMS), Incident Reports and Hazard Reports via the NECA Safe Digital App.