NECA Continues Discussions with Standards Australia

Over the past months, much has been reported through industry about proposed changes to the Standards Australia access model and new Standards Australia development paths. 

Standards Australia is in discussions with NECA as it develops new distribution models and options that meet the needs of different users and industries. 

Such work is undertaken to arrive at a fair and reasonable outcome that is both good for NECA members and sustainable for Standards Australia. NECA has engaged with the Standards Australia CEO, Adrian O'Connell and the SA Chair, Tracey Gramlick, via the Chairs Advisory Meetings, to advise on member needs and industry concerns. 

These discussions have been undertaken in good faith and on an individual level, with the priorities and concerns of both parties being considered as new models are being developed. 

Whilst this work is continuing, Standards Australia have agreed to uphold their current agreement with NECA until a suitable resolution is found. Consequently, access to our members will not be disrupted. 

We are working hard to achieve a fair and favourable outcome for the industry in the near future and will continue discussions with Standards Australia who have assured us that they will continue to work collaboratively with NECA to ensure safe, strong, and sustainable industry growth for the future.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Aidan O'Grady, General Manager of NECA WA on (08) 6241 6100, or via email.