NECA calls for 50% Apprentice Wage Subsidy to be made available to all businesses

Date: 25 March 2020

NECA calls for a holistic approach to supporting apprenticeships

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) calls for a holistic approach to supporting apprentices in these challenging times.

Recently the Federal Government announced a wage subsidy of 50% of an apprentice’s or trainee’s wage for up to 9 months from 1 January 2020 to 30 September 2020. However, these measures are only available to small businesses employing fewer than 20 employees who retain an apprentice or trainee.

NECA calls for an immediate extension of these measures to all employers, irrespective of size. This includes Group Training Organisations which are significant employers of apprentices and are particularly exposed during these times.

Suresh Manickam, CEO of NECA, said:

“NECA congratulates the Federal Government and welcomes what should be seen as a very productive first step to apprenticeship support.

“The reality is that the electrical contracting sector comprises of small, medium and large employers. All of whom, play a vital part in sustaining the broader Australian economy. To focus on only one part of the electrical contracting sector does not make sense and potentially disadvantages other parts of the electrical contracting sector.”

NECA has long called for Governments around Australia to take a more holistic approach to supporting apprentices, our next generation, and holds the view that such measures are a positive step forward.