NECA hosts roundtable at Australian Parliament House

30 November 2023

Earlier this month, NECA together with Dai Le MP, Federal Member for Fowler hosted a roundtable at Australian Parliament House to discuss unfair contract terms within the construction industry.

Attended by the Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP, Andrew Wallace MP, RACCA Australia, Master Plumbers Australia and New Zealand, Master Electricians Australia, AMCA Australia, ETU, Fredon and Specialist Contractors Association the group will now develop recommendations to government with the view to ensuring all subcontractors are protected from unfair terms often present within construction contracts.

Federal Member for Fowler, Dai Le MP later wrapped up her address to the Federation Chamber by speaking about the unfair contract terms roundtable she hosted alongside NECA.

Ms Le, spoke about the unnecessary pressures unfair contracts are placing onto the industry and the effects these are having on small and medium sized businesses.

“It is crucial to ensure that favourable and fair terms granted to head contractors also trickle down to subcontractors”, Ms Le said.