Modified Notice Submission Process For Large Construction Sites

Following concerns being raised by members as to the practicality of submitting numerous notices for large construction sites in compliance with Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 51, 52 & 52B, NECA worked closely with Building and Energy to develop a more efficient system of notice submission.

Under the current regulations (default procedure), notices are required to be submitted within 3 working days following each portion of notifiable work being energised. On large construction sites this becomes very impractical and results in the electrical contractor spending a significant amount of time completing notices as well as inundating the Network Operator with paperwork.

We are pleased to advise that a new modified notice system for large construction sites has now been gazetted into regulations.

By definition, a large construction site is where the building work is expected to take at least 12 months and the notifiable work will result in a calculated increased maximum demand of at least 1 MVA (1391 amps). It is optional as to whether the electrical contractor uses this system and to be eligible at least 20 notices would be expected to have been submitted under the original default procedure. 

The electrical contractor must notify the relevant Network Operator by way of a Preliminary notice of their intention to use this system. All notifiable electrical installing work to be undertaken is then to be recorded (record) detailing the work undertaken, the date performed, details of the worker and certification by the electrical contractor that the work has been checked and tested.

Details of the record must be in electronic format, updated weekly, available on site for inspection on demand and retained for at least 5 years. A Completion notice is still required for the main switchboard and connection of each revenue meter, as well as after the last of the notifiable work has been completed.

Electrical contractors may also use this modified method of notice submission for existing installations where projects meet the eligibility criteria, they are unlikely to be completed within the next 6 months and the modified procedure has not been previously used for this site.

Whilst NECA originally argued for sites greater than 500KVA to be eligible for the modified notice system, we are very pleased that this new initiative has been introduced for the benefit of our members.