Mental Health Awareness


Across Australia, mental illness continues to be a widespread issue. Workers in the construction industry are increasingly at risk of poor mental health and suicide, with construction workers, miners and tradespeople having the highest suicide rate of any profession in Australia. Sadly, the details below are only a snapshot of a very real problem that is having a significant impact on businesses and employees in the electrical industry:

  • Young construction workers are 2 times more likely to suicide than Australian men in general
  • Construction workers are almost 6 times more likely to die from suicide than a workplace accident
  • Male suicides outnumber female suicides by a ratio of 4:1
  • 1 in 500 Australians will attempt suicide over a year, while 1 in 20 will consider it as an option
  • More than half of construction workers who completed suicide had told someone at some stage
  • Less than 7 out of 100 workers who suicide had sought professional help
  • Source: MATES in construction

NECA WA is advocating for positive change in this area by: 

  • Reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness
  • Increasing awareness of the impact poor mental health and suicide can have on the electrical industry and affiliated businesses

As part of this endeavour, ECA WA was pleased to collaborate with MATES in Construction (MIC) to run free several Mental Health Awareness sessions for members and their employees.

Thank you to the many members who attended these sessions and/or contacted MIC to arrange staff sessions at their workplaces.  

Who are MATES in Construction? 

Mates in Construction (MIC), are an industry based, registered health promotion charity specialising in raising awareness and prevention of suicide within the building and construction industry. MIC aims to: 

  1. Raise awareness about issues that may lead to suicidal thoughts 
  2. Make it easy for workers to get help for themselves or for a mate who is doing it tough
  3. Offer appropriate and accessible help for workers in need

How NECA WA members can get on board

Please visit the MATES in Construction website for further information about suicide prevention in the construction industry, or to arrange training for your workplace.

If you or someone you know would like help or further information, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit


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