Member Area - Instructional Video and FAQ's

You now have the power to do more

ECA WA is giving members the power to do more. We've built a new Member Area to give members the power to access information you need - faster, easier and on demand.

If you’re familiar with the former NECA WA website member login, when logged in, you would have seen a screen like this:

That member login site has been superseded, and a new member login facility we call the Member Area has been developed with improved user functionality to better serve our members and ensure you get the most out of your ECA WA membership.

The new Member Area allows you to;

  • Easily navigate to find the information you need - access key information such as Technical updates with ease
  • Keep your contact details and communications preferences updated - so NECA WA can keep you informed with industry news and bulletins
  • Shop 'til you drop! - we now have an online store known as the ECA WA Shop so you can purchase items such as the Wiring Rules at your convenience

To help you get the most out of the new Member Area and enjoy all the features and benefits, view the short Instructional Video and FAQ’s below.

Instructional Video



1: How do I log in to the Member Area?

  1. Simply go to / and click the  button at the top right of the screen.
  2. Once the Member Login page opens, enter your Login ID and Password, then click on the  button...



Your new login ID and password have been emailed to you on 27 June 2017, and also posted as a promotional flyer - the cover of the flyer looks like this: 


Please contact ECA WA on (08) 6241 6100 or if you need any assistance logging into the new Member Area.

2: How do I edit the contact details and communications preferences for myself and my team?

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a list of contacts in the centre of the screen. These are people in your company who ECA WA either provides TKB access to, or sends communications to via email.

By clicking on the blue pen icon  next to a person’s name, you can:

  • Edit their name, email address, mobile etc
  • Request automatic access to our free Technical Knowledge Base (TKB)
  • Manage which type of communications are emailed to this person

(To delete a contact, simply click the red bin icon .)

Once you’ve clicked the blue pen icon  you will see the Edit Contact Details screen to edit your details:

3: How do I add more people to the contacts list?

To ensure the appropriate team members receive TKB access and ECA WA communications, click on the  button.

Then simply:

  1. Type in the person’s details
  2. Tick the TKB box if they require access to our online Technical Knowledge Base; and
  3. Tick all the types of communications that will help keep your team informed. 

Click the button and then click to exit this screen.

NB: The following fields are mandatory and should be completed before saving this screen: ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, ‘Email’. At least one contact for your company must have the ‘Accounts’ communication box ticked.

4: I’ve changed my business address, how do I update my details in the Member Area?

Details that ECA WA has about your company such as postal address, ABN and telephone number are shown on the ‘Business Details’ screen. To view or edit, click on the button.

After clicking this button a pop up window appears where you can edit your business details...

Remember to click the button once you’ve completed any changes.

5: Have my TKB login details changed?


No. If you had TKB access before, this has not changed. All the people in your Member Area contacts list with a tick next to the TKB option, will have TKB access.


Important note: As your TKB login is your email address, if you edit your email address via the ‘Edit Contact Details’ screen, this will automatically change your TKB login email address too! Please ensure you log in to TKB using the same email address that is showing next to your name in the Member Area contacts list.



6: How do I log in to TKB?

To access TKB from the Member Area, click on the ‘Log in to TKB’ button on the home page

(Clicking on either the ECA WA logo or the  button will take you back to the home page from anywhere in the Member Area).

If you’ve forgotten your TKB login details, email us for assistance at


Comments and Feedback?

If you have feedback on the new Member Area we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share your thoughts at