Is your Business Name registered?

We would like to remind all electrical contractors that if an entity operates under a business name, then under the Business Names Registration Act 2011 that business name must be registered unless:

  • The entity is an individual and the name is the individual’s name;
  • The entity is a corporation and the name is the corporation’s name; or
  • The entity is a partnership and the name consists of all the partners’ names. 

Carrying on a business under an unregistered business name is a strict liability offence and subject to penalty provisions of 30 penalty units ($6,300 for an individual and $31,500 for a corporation).

The business name should also be included on all business documents and must be displayed at every place the entity carries on business that is open to the public, for example the reception area.

In addition, under regulation 45 of the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991, the holder of an Electrical Contractors licence shall, not later than 28 days after changing his or her  business name or principal place of business, notify the Board in writing of the change. 

Disclaimer: This summary is not legal advice and for more information on the registration of business names call NECA Legal (WA) Pty Ltd on (08) 6241 6129 or email