Introducing NECA WA's COVID-19 Employer Guide

Today, NECA WA is launching the COVID-19 Employer Guide for members in regard to managing the COVID-19 pandemic in the workplace.

There is an enormous amount of information available on COVID-19 and we have made an effort to collate as much relevant material as possible into one comprehensive document, providing easy access to important facts, advice and links to specialist information.

What does the COVID-19 Employer Guide cover?

The Guide covers health and safety recommendations, contractual obligations, employee management, details on the stimulus packages from both the Western Australian and Federal Governments and many other suggestions on how businesses should proceed in this unprecedented period. 

This document will be updated frequently, with the date of the most recent release printed on the cover so that members can ascertain the currency of the information. 

*UPDATED 15 April 2020* - click here to find out what's new >