HSEQ Management System - latest updates August 2017

To all NECA WA members who currently use the HSEQ Management System. In conformance with our commitment to continual improvement and in response to member feedback, the NECA WA Safety team have been busy improving and adding to the documents available on the HSEQ Management System. Below is a list of changes made to the system since late September 2016.

HSEQ Manual

  • An MS Word version of the latest revision manual is now available from the HSEQ Management System under the ‘Getting Started’ tab
  • Also included in this tab are instructions on how to personalise your manual.


  • Fitness To Work Policy – document numbering changes.
  • Working Outdoors and UV Radiation Policy – formerly known as “Working Outdoors Policy". This policy has been reviewed and minor changes made in line with modern requirements. 

Mandatory Forms

  • Updated MF02 Hazardous Substance Register – changed to reference SDS’s (Safety Data Sheets) and not the outdated MSDS.
  • Updated MF13 Site Inspection Checklist – added an improvement plan at the end of form.
  • Updated MF05 Incident Reporting and Investigation form – inclusion of injury marker diagram.
  • Updated MF16 toolbox meeting form to include a corrective actions table for recording purposes.

Toolbox Topics 

  • New concrete cutting and wall chasing toolbox talk.
  • New low voltage installations and maintenance in ceiling spaces toolbox talk.

Supportive Forms

  • Updated SF14 JSA to include revised risk matrix.
  • Updated SF22 Hazardous substances risk assessment form.
  • Updated SF27 Electrical equipment test and tag register – to include current colour tagging code.
  • New SF35 Emergency evacuation observer checklist – to assist in assessing whether emergency evacuation drills are undertaken effectively and efficiently.
  • New SF36 Ladder Inspection form – new to the management system.

Coming Soon

  • We will be taking the opportunity to review and add to our existing SWMS library.
  • New TQCSI Certification of Compliance for the NECA HSEQ System – our system is being audited this week commencing 21 August, and the new certificate will be available on the management system under ‘About HSEQ’ within the next month.
  • NECA is currently developing a HSEQ Digital platform with smart technology features aimed at assisting members to achieve HSEQ compliance and business efficiency. Stay tuned as this is an exciting development and is planned to be available from November this year!

If you would like advice on what these changes mean for your business or what you should update in your management system, contact NECA Safety at osh@necawa.asn.au or (08) 6241 6100.

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