Electric shock risk - Growatt SPH-UP Multiple Mode Inverters

19 October 2023

The Technical Team would like to advise members about several issues affecting Growatt SPH-UP Multiple Mode Inverters which can make the product non-compliant and presents an electric shock risk to installers and the general public.

Energy Safe Victoria  (ESV) have highlighted  several occasions where installers and inspectors have left the EPS back-up port exposed by failing to fit the supplied EPS output connector. Because this output port is not IP2X and is enabled by default, the exposed terminals are live and pose a risk of electric shock, failing a standard finger test and recording 242 V a.c. to earth.   Refer to ACCC recall  published 17 November 2023.

Electrical workers  must ensure that all terminals of any piece of equipment comply with minimum safety standards and prevent access to live parts before being energised, as covered in Clause 4.1.2 of AS/NZS 3000:2018:  

Electrical workers should also be aware that a fitted EPS output connector can be removed without the use of tools and consequently expose live parts. 

ESV are working with the manufacturer regarding urgent notification to all retailers, installers and customers. Growatt have stated that they are shipping a lockable cover to all suppliers to ensure all EPS connectors comply with Australian equipment safety standards. Following this, Growatt will work with installers to ensure a locking device is retrofitted to affected existing Growatt SPH-UP inverter installations. Technical will advise members of any further updates regarding this issue.