Government announces immediate $2K payment to all employers of apprentices

Today on 23 April, the Premier and Minister for Education have announced substantial support for the employers of apprentices and trainees in the construction industry.

The main facets of the announcement are:

  • An immediate $2,000 payment to employers for each apprentice and trainee they have employed who are currently receiving Construction Training Fund (CTF) grant payments.
  • Monthly payments of $250 for each apprentice or trainee that a business currently employs. These monthly payments, which are backdated to 1 April, will commence on 1 June.
  • Reimbursements of up to $1,000 for any short-course training that an apprentice undertakes. 

These payments are in addition to any other payments that contractors who employ apprentices already receive from the Construction Training Fund.

These payments will remain in place for a period of 6 months.

As is always the case with these kinds of announcements, there is some detail that remains to be clarified around the application process and the provision of payments.

We can confirm, however, that these payments are available to all employers of apprentices, regardless of the size of your business.

Here is an information sheet about the payments. NECA WA will provide further detail about this program as soon as it is available.

CTF will be managing the application process and payments, so in the meantime, you may wish to visit their website for further details.