Fibreglass Swimming Pool Heating and Bonding Requirements

NECA Technical has received  numerous enquiries regarding bonding requirements when installing Heat Pump type pool heaters for fibreglass swimming pools. 

Clause of AS/NZS 3000 requires exposed conductive parts of any electrical equipment in the classified zones or in contact with the pool water to be equipotentially bonded. Therefore if installed within the zones, bonding will be required and this will be extended to conductive fixtures and fittings. 

Now the question is what is the requirement when installed outside the zones if the heat exchanger of the heat pump is conductive and in contact with the water?

In this case it will be dependent on the type heat pump. In most cases the heat pumps are an inverter type and it is likely the supply to the compressor is via a separated supply that meets the requirements of note 1 of Clause and Clause 7.4.2 (c) below. If this is the case and the heat pump is installed outside the zones, additional bonding will not be required.

We suggest members confirm with the manufacturer that the heat exchanger is electrically separated from the source of supply as per Clause 7.4.2 (c).