Equipotential bonding of swimming pools

NECA have been receiving a number of questions relating to what and when equipotential bonding of swimming pools and ancillary equipment is required.

Conductive pool structures

All conductive pool structures, including the reinforcing metal, require bonding and the bonding point has to be accessible with sufficient room to make the connection after the pool is constructed. The connection point shall be identified at the switchboard supplying the pool equipment and it needs to be protected from mechanical damage. (AS/NZS 3000

Electrical equipment

Any exposed conductive parts of electrical equipment in a classified zone shall be bonded and any exposed conductive part of electrical equipment that is not double insulated and is in contact with the water. (AS/NZS 3000

Conductive fixtures and fittings

Where electrical equipment is required to be bonded, any conductive fittings or fixtures with any dimension greater than 100mm will also be bonded if in or within an arm’s reach of the pool. (AS/NZS 3000

Note: NECA understands that there may be additional requirements in AS/NZS 3000:2018 and, if this is the case, an update will be published.