Employing an electrical worker from interstate or overseas

6 July 2023

The Technical Team often receive enquiries regarding the requirements for employing electrical workers from interstate or overseas. Here is a short summary of the process for each applicant type.

Electrician with interstate qualifications

  • The electrician will need to apply for mutual recognition of their licence by completing an online Application for Electrician's Licence
  • Once this application has been lodged, the applicant is deemed to be registered and can commence work as an electrician under general supervision. They will then need to familiarise themselves with the state’s regulations.
  • After the application has been reviewed, a licence may be granted with conditions.

Electrician with qualifications from overseas

  • The electrician will need to have their skills assessed via a Registered Trades Recognition Authority (refer links below).
  • Once meeting the requirements of the assessment, a Provisional Licence is issued and the electrician can apply for a Supervised Worker's Licence.
  • Once the Supervised Worker Licence is granted, the worker can now work under Broad Supervision from a licensed electrician.
  • After 12 months and completion of training the worker may apply for an Unrestricted Electrical Workers Licence.

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