Electrical work in damaged properties

NECA Technical have received queries from members about how to tackle electrical work in damaged properties that have been disconnected from a network supply.

The response given is to notify the client from the onset, that this will not be a five minute in-and-out job.

The scenarios usually involve a landlord trying to get a property ready to rent after tenants have vacated.

If you are going to undertake rectification works in these instances, ensure all circuits are identified and proven to Section 8 of the Wiring Rules. Visual inspection becomes as critical as ever because you won't know what illegal activities may have taken place in a property that's been damaged as a result of vandalism. For example, circuits designed to bypass the meter, or circuits run to feed hydroponic arrangements. 

Preliminary Notices and Notices of Completion will be required by the network operators and the premise(s) will be inspected by a network operator inspector prior to energisation.

For more information, please contact NECA Technical  on 1300 6322 8324 or technical@necawa.asn.au.