EGT Safety Alert 76: Changes to Supervision and Live Work Laws


23 July 2018


May and June this year have been big months for regulation changes. Most critically, Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991 regulation 49 has changed to make the Code of Practice for Persons Working on or Near Energised Electrical Installations law, so there is no getting around it and it's critical that you know it.

Along with this regulation, 49D has been added to define three 3 levels of supervision (a change from the previous 2 levels). The levels are broad, general and direct supervision. This now aligns with the supervision levels in eProfiling, so we are hoping this will make eProfiling easier to apply to the workplace.

It is vitally important that all EGT host employers, apprentices and all supervising electrical workers understand these new supervision requirements.

To assist, Building and Energy (formerly EnergySafety) have updated their guidelines for apprentices and electrical workers which can be found via the links below. EGT Field Officers will be circulating printed copies when they are available and we encourage all host employers, apprentices and workers to read the guidelines and start a conversation with each other about the changes and how they affect you.

The Code of Practice and guidelines are available at the links below and on the Technical Knowledge Base (TKB). We have also included a YouTube link to a presentation from Building and Energy which we recommend you all watch.


For further information regarding this Safety Alert, contact Stuart Diepeveen directly on or (08) 6241 6106.